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Admission Requirement

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The international applicant of our advanced bachelor programmes (GMA, IBL, BMM) should meet the following requirements.

1. Diploma requirement

In order to enrol in an academic Bachelor programme (GMA, IBL, BMM), you need to have (at least) a highschool education degree which entitles you to enrol in a university of the country in which the degree was conferred. 

2. Language requirement

The applicant need to have an English certificate of TOEIC >= 450 or IELTS >= 4.0 or other equivalent qualifications. 

For those who have not reached sufficient English proficiency, ISE will organize English class to provide the students with proper English preparations, with the cost being paid by students themselves at $500 for 10 weeks

3. Additional requirement

Medical examination certificate issued within 6 months from the date of application by competent health authorities of the sending country or by Vietnamese central, municipal or provincial medical bodies, clearly stating that the applicant is healthy and fit for overseas study.

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